Top 5 Must-Sees In Bath
Top 5  Must-Sees In Bath

Top 5 Must-Sees In Bath

Possible to reach this charming city, which takes its name from the Roman period hot springs, with an entertaining 2-hour journey from London. Bath is also the hometown of the famous writer Jane Austen whose novels full of romance enthusiastically be read. Like almost all UK cities, there are a lot of things to must visit in Bath. I have compiled Top 5 Must-Sees in Bath for you.

Top 5 Must-Sees in Bath

Impossible for you not to have a good time in Bath, which is preferred by local and foreign tourists especially in winter, due to the hot spring tourism. Of course, first activity to be done in the city where you can easily tour around on foot, is visit the spas.

Rooftop Thermal Pool

Here is the most known and touristic thermal pool of the city, famous for its ancient baths. If you want to swim in the thermal pool with a magnificent view of the city or if you come across one of the rare sunny days of England and want to sunbathe, this must be your address. Please note that to enter here reservations are mandatory and reservations are made in 2-hour periods.

Pulteney Bridge and Weir

The bridge which was completed in 1774 is built on the Avon river which passes through the city of Bath. This bridge which has been the take part of many films is in the middle of the city and not possible not to see it. You can buy out some souvenirs from the small shops on the bridge, you can sit in the little cafe at the entrance of the bridge and enjoy the view.

Roman Baths

Do not end your holiday without seeing the Roman baths built on natural spas that give the city its name. King’s Bath section, which is 46 degrees continuously, contains 1 million liters of water. Ticket fee is £20 per person when we visited. I guess don’t need to mention that it is more crowded on the weekends.

Jane Austen Centre

In this center, built in memory of Jane Austen, one of the known writers of the 19th century, you can also see the clothes of that age. Taking a photo with the wax sculpture of the author is also a very popular activity.

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey or Bath monastery, built between 1499-1616 rises in the square of the city with its gothic architecture. The most crowded area of the city with its stores and passages ready to be discovered. If you wish you can climb the Abbey’s towers and have a bird’s eye view of the city.

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